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Jason Wu x Target Drops Sunday. Here's Where and How to Get It.

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Unless you've been living under a rock with no WiFi, you're probably more than aware that Jason Wu for Target debuts this Sunday. Two other distractions will be happening that day—the Superbowl and Anna Wintour's 60 Minutes episode—but we don't think that's going to deter too many people from a.) crashing the Target website and b.) hitting up the stores.

However, two very important signs lead us to believe that this might not be such a shitshow. First, the shopping section at the launch party wasn't ransacked. There was a hell of a line, sure, but there were clothes on the racks and minimal elbowing. Second, there's only a handful of items up on eBay, meaning that perhaps this isn't creating as much mass hysteria as those two other recent high/low collabs. Either way, we've compiled some tips after the jump on which Targets will be carrying the collection, as well as how to get all the pieces you want.

1. Shop in person, rather than online: We're advocating showing up at a physical, brick-and-mortar store rather than shopping the website because, well, websites notoriously crash. We're sure Target has attempted to step up its online-order game since the Missoni for Target debacle, but maybe it's better not to risk it. Here's the entire list of what Targets will be carrying the collection; for New York City, your options are one in the Bronx, three in Brooklyn, one in Harlem, and one in Staten Island. There's also a ton elsewhere in New York State, and a bunch in Jersey—if you feel like taking a day trip.

2. Get there early: It might seem like a no-brainer, but really—get there early. When Missoni x Target happened, there were about 200 shoppers lined up at 7:30am at the Harlem location. But at least Target makes it simple: All of the locations in the NYC area open at 8am. That includes the Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn Junction, and Gateway stores in Brooklyn, the Riverdale store in the Bronx, the one in Staten Island, the Jersey City location, and the one in Harlem on East 117th Street. For a complete list of phone numbers should you need it, head here.

3. Know what you want: Hot sellers at the launch party included the pink, yellow, and black collared dress, the red and navy striped jersey dress, and the bags, so if those are what you're craving, maybe grab them first. Peek through the lookbook here and prepare your game plan.

4. Grab multiple sizes: One thing we noticed at the launch was that the sizing seemed a little all-over. For example, an extra large blouse looked more like a medium, and the medium jersey dress looked more like a large. So if you're going to try it on, grab multiple if you can.

5. Look out for Bethenny Frankel: Because from the looks of this photo, she had a cartful of Missoni x Target at the Harlem store.
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