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Lomography's New Contest Will Kick You Clear to Virginia

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What was the state of Virginia doing throwing a party yesterday at the Lomography Gallery Store? It was offbeat to say the least, with an '80s yacht rock tribute band (Three Sheets To The Wind), Virginian craft beers and, um, head sweatbands as party favors. The answer is simple for those who know that Lomography loves themselves some collabs: The analogue camera company has teamed up with the VA tourism board to launch a camera sporting the retro motto, "Virginia is for Lovers."

That's not all, however. If you've already got a Lomo cam or have it in your heart to shell out the $109 for the Virginia-edition La Sardina, then the party (open to the public) meant more than just free beer; it also meant the kickoff of a year-long contest to send promising Lomographers to all-expenses-paid vacations in Virginia.

Though it sounds lame, the prizes include stays in vintage Airstream trailers, becoming a music festival photographer, kayaking to a winery and other outdoorsy stuff that can't quite be accomplished without leaving the cozy confines of these here boroughs.

Full details of the contest and how to submit are here, and the themes change monthly through December 2012. Oh, and they're not just interested in New Yorkers; the trips include things like rental cards and international airfare to Virginia, so spread the word to all your Lomo-toting hipstography buddies.
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