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There's Exactly One Rack Left of Mary Katrantzou at Topshop

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This afternoon, we went to see for ourselves what the Mary Katrantzou x Topshop amounted to, and what we found was one measly rack at the front of the store. And that's a singular rack with plenty of room. At around 1:30pm, the selection was limited to black floral leggings for $80, black floral tees for $100, dreamy blue printed trousers for $260, and similarly printed scarves for $120. Mostly sizes 6 and 8 remained.

Supervisor Melissia gave us the scoop. They only ordered eight units of about nine styles, and when they opened at 10am this morning, they sold about half of the units in the very first hour. The dresses, which went for about $700 a pop, were the first to go. There's some bad news for those still lusting for the painting-on-your-body pieces: Topshop is not going to be getting more shipments and do not anticipate many returns.—Anne Ebani
· Mary Katrantzou for Topshop Sold Out in a Flash [Racked NY]


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