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Fulton Street's New Gap Outlet Has Crazy Monday Lines

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New York City's new Gap outlet, which opened at 400 Fulton Street on Friday, might be the latest hype in town. The Gap is just one of the mainstream brands taking over the Fulton Mall, which used to be known for its discount stores. But people are clearly overjoyed about its arrival. At about 2pm, it seemed like everybody in downtown Brooklyn had the same idea, as the line snaked to the very end of the store.

The merchandise is basically what you would expect: affordable, with a lot of additional deals. Women's wide leg denim trousers are $64.99 with an additional 25% off, striped dresses are $59.99, and sandals are $26.99. In the men's department, you can get graphic t-shirts for $26.99 and plaid shorts for $34.99, both with an additional 20% off. Boys, girls, toddler, infant, and newborn sections follow suit.

But the queue seemed to make people think twice about the armfuls of clothing they were holding. "I can't deal with lines like this," said one customer, who seemed to be in good company. "This is ludicrous," another guy yelled to his friend at the the back of the line. "You'll be on line for galaxies."—Anne Ebani
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