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The Project No.8 Sale Will Confuse and Delight You

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At the Project No.8 sample sale, there are shaggy mittens that would make any sheep dog jealous and shoes that look like they were fished out of the deep sea where no human except Steve Zissou dares to go. There were blankets we thought were ponchos and ponchos we thought were rugs (whether or not there was a head hole was the definitive clue). But, really, by our educated guess, the sale was only 5% ridiculous, and 93% pretty incredible. The other 2% is reserved for those rare style goddesses of whom you can exclaim without a hint of mockery, "Hot damn! She wears those sea urchins with a side of panache." Dare to dream.

Walking into the quaint store on Hester and Orchard, it was readily apparent this was a boys' club. Guys were clogging the slim aisles, standing in line for the two dressing rooms, and boxing us out of out of the strictly for men racks. But for a store that recently shuttered its women's location in favor of selling exclusively online, Project No. 8 offered enough chic options for the ladies to keep us busy while we waited for the space to clear out.

We found a box advertising size 37 Maison Martin Margiela shearling heels for $100 within but no dice upon opening the lid. We later found them high on a shelf above Bless N°43 black and rose pumps and A Détacher studded booties for $200. They looked really nice up there. Other MM6 finds include a denim cutoff jacket for $120, denim jorts with a neon wash for $60, a light spring tank for $76, and a pair of kick-ass black booties.

The real all-star on the woman's side, though, was Christian Wijnants, a designer out of Antwerp. Some favorites include a velvet shift for $95, a long draping jacket (sweater? both!) for $270, and some skirts and tops in the same sea foam green material for $66. Other choice pieces came from A Détacher, Various Projects, Anuschka Hoevener, and Isaac Reina shoes and bags. Click through the gallery for specific pieces.

For men, there were Huetchy oxfords, Adam Kimmel trousers for $75, and Bless N°43 canvas pants in a pattern that could rival Versace for H&M for $140. There were Aspesi and Stephan Schneider button downs for around $71 and Kostas Murkudis ($75) and Stephan Schneider blazers. We also found a couple Zero + M Cornejo sweaters and a rack of Walter Van Beirendonck, Adam Kimmel, and Dries Van Noten ties going for between $50-$60.

Finally, near the register there was a children's clothing box where everything was under $10 and a box for $50 scarves and underwear among other odds and ends. The last chance to shop this sale is tomorrow until 7pm, so make it your Saturday plans. If you don't go to buy great pieces at truly phenomenal prices, go to overhear things like, "Oh I get it. It's a necklace!" and "I imagine you can do pretty cool things with it. Like tie it off with a hanger" and "Are these shorts?" "No, I think they're like...pants."
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