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Shoes to Go with Your Yankees Perfume; Red-Carpet Coverage

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ONLINE SHOPPING—What else is a "Real Housewife of the South Bronx" supposed to step out of the house in but a pair of 5 1/4 inch Yankees-themed blue-suede heels? You can now pre-order your own pair for $99 from Herstar, but expect to wait about eight weeks until your feet can achieve an empire state of mind. The season's hottest sports footwear also comes in colors for Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, San Francisco Giants, and Tampa Bay Rays. [Gothamist]

RACKED OSCAR'S COVERAGE— Sunday evening, Racked National will be bringing to you a gallery full of real time red-carpet coverage. They'll be updating throughout the evening, so stay tuned, keep an eye out for tweets on @racked, and be sure to leave comments to let us know what you think. [The Mgmt]