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Found at Noir's Sample Sale: Neon Beads and So Much Sparkle

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Noir Jewelry holds sample sales often enough that when fashionably-dressed women show up on their industrial stretch of W. 38th Street, the workmen downstairs know exactly what's going on. "Fifth floor," a guy pushing a pallet instructed us, pointing at the curbside elevator.

Inside the showroom, we found bins holding Noir's signature oversized rings for prices ranging from $15 to $50. The famous animal rings get pride of place—they're displayed on a mirrored stand—and, at $75 to $100, pride of price as well. The selection seemed smaller that last time, but you can still load up your fingers with a zoo full of dramatic pieces.

On the wall to the right of the entrance, the brand's newer collections went for $45 to $70. None of the neon rope necklaces on the website were on sale, sadly, but there's a lot of taupe-rope crystal-studded statement pieces for necks, wrists, and earlobes. If you're looking for neon beads like the necklace above, you can find them for $60. Slightly more subtle—but only slightly, since what's the fun in that?—were the pyramid stud earrings, some paved with little crystals, all $45.

And on the far left wall, you'll find the other end of the spectrum: Older collections going for $5 and $10. Some of the items weren't in great shape, while others were just random. If you want to load up on "Happy New Year" tiaras, for example, you can get them for $10.

Final details: Beware of mispriced items. If a deal seems too good to be true, it might be—we were psyched to find the airplane ring in the $15 bin, but it actually went for $60. Cash and credit cards are both accepted, and the sale runs through tomorrow at 7pm.
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