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The Five Best Things We Heard at the Yankees Fragrance Launch

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Last night, the New York Yankees hosted a launch party for their two new fragrances, New York Yankees and New York Yankees For Her, at the appropriately-named restaurant Catch in the Meatpacking District. While Derek Jeter and A-Rod didn't make appearances, there were lots of tasty snacks (call us, truffle fries!) and an area where curious fans could sample both the scents.

From a rough survey of the room, the men's fragrance was a big hit: sexy but not too strong, musky but not too macho. The women's scent, however, was much less popular. Someone even knocked a bottle of the stuff onto the floor, but partygoers were more concerned about their shoes smelling like perfume than being covered in glass.

Scents aside, the party was worth it purely for the overheard conversations. Here are our five favorite gems:

1. "We have more fans than Manchester United or that football team from Texas," a Yankees exec bragged to the crowd. While we have no idea how they can prove that, the out-of-nowhere Cowboys burn was surprisingly funny.

2. "Why is this drink called the Bronx Bomber?"

3. "For once I just want to go to a party where they don't play 'Empire State of Mind,' okay?"

4. "This smells like Bonne Bell." - at least three different people who sampled New York Yankees For Her, none of whom heard the others.

5. PUBLICIST: What did you think of the fragrances?
BLOGGER: I really liked the men's one, but I wear a lot of men's stuff.
PUBLICIST: Me too! I love fedoras.
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