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Fulton Street Update: Get Ready for So Much More Retail

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Maybe it's not as thrilling as a Drake sighting, but the new signage on Fulton Street's Offerman Building suggests big things for the rapidly-changing outdoor Brooklyn mall. Check out the names on that rendering: Ralph, Calvin, and Giorgio. Below, a well-informed tipster explains what it all means.

Lots of interesting angles running through the new signage slapped up on the plywood outside the Offerman Building at 505 Fulton Street. One is that apparently H&M (part of the glassy two-story annex that is under construction) and the newly announced TJ Maxx will be joined by a heck of a lot more retail, or so the developer hopes. If all this stuff gets filled out, and combined with the City Point retail building a few doors down that is supposedly getting a Century 21, this part of Fulton Street is going to be quite the mainstream retail hub. And yes, I am delicately using "mainstream" as a euphemism. Also, this appears to dispel the rumor that H&M is actually going to open at the Brooklyn Municipal Building across the street from Borough Hall, where the same developer is putting in shiny new retail. The reason for that rumor was that the spot where H&M is supposed to go next to 505 Fulton is still a massive crater, as seen in one of the attached pictures.Last but not least, United American Land (led by the charismatic Laboz family) is the developer behind all this, and, of course, the Soho Mews condo, meaning the firm that is bringing TJ Maxx to Fulton Street is the same one that sold Justin Timberlake his penthouse. Since the top floors of the Offerman Building are supposed to go residential one day, maybe Brooklyn can get the poor man's Justin Timberlake? Who would be, I dunno, Robin Thicke or something?
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