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An Old, Wooden Subway Bench Can Be Yours for Only $650

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The MTA has decided that it will begin to replace the old, wooden benches inside subway stations with newer, and easier to clean, stainless steel versions. That means that the MTA will soon have a surplus of ancient benches on its hands, and as they're replaced, they'll begin to sell them for about $650 a pop.

The NYDN reports that there's a warehouse in upper Manhattan where the MTA sells off its old-timey memorabilia, like upholstered express bus seats, vintage tokens, and more. Mike Zacchea, the assistant chief operations officer of the NYC Transit division, says of the benches, "They're massive. I can see them sitting in a back yard being weathered for a couple more years and serving as a conversation piece." Because when you think about how many people have sat on these benches, and done god knows what on these benches, you might not want to bring them into your living room.
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