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The Barneys Warehouse Sale Line Started at 5:30 This Morning

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Today's the kickoff for this year's shortened Barneys Warehouse Sale, offering up to 75% off pretty much every designer you've ever liked. Kenzie Bryant reports live from the line below.

7:03am: I'm here! The line is halfway down the block and growing.

7:15am: It's like 25% men, and the rest are women who share a penchant for wearing black outerwear.

7:18am: Speaking of outerwear, I didn't wear enough of it. Adding a winter coat to the shopping list.

7:23am: How many furry Ugg boots does it take to stand in a Barneys Warehouse Sale line? One too many.

7:25am: How many Fu Manchu mustaches? Not enough. (Meaning one.)

7:30am: Talking strategy with my new line friend. He plans to go for shoes first because they get picked over fastest, then walk around until he can't stand it anymore. Go team!

7:33am: Add this much to the end of the last line picture.

7:37am: Breaking: It's still cold.

7:40am: Three girls at the very front of the line have been waiting since 5:30. Their plan: Get inside and run wild.

7:42am: I'm guessing there are about 125 people here. I'd get a more complete picture but that would involve standing on top of the hundreds of school buses that keep rolling by.

7:48am: Also like a million small children keep riding by on scooters. I want to ask one to ride down the street and get me coffee, but I'm pretty sure saying "Hey kid, if I give you some cash will you do me a favor?" it won't go over so well.

7:50am: The line is moving! Though it's probably the anticipatory shuffle that goes down within 15 minutes of the sale opening, it's still worth an exclamation point. Or four!!!!

7:51am: Line friends agree there's easily 200 people here.

7:55am: Folks are smoking their last pre-sale cigarette and I'm limbering up my fighting elbows. It's go time.

7:58am: They've finally rolled out the official Barneys sale sign.

8:02am: Remember that time I said it was go time? Lies. It is now two minutes past actual go time.

8:04am: The door! It's open!

8:05am: We're moving! Actually moving!

8:09am: We're in! The women's layout looks very similar to last spring.

We'll be rolling in-depth reports on shoes, womenswear, menswear, and accessories throughout the day. Stay tuned!

Update: Our reporter is still inside the sale, but she sent along the teaser shot above along with a quick review on the shoes: "I'm not really seeing a lot—just a ton of Co-op and shoes that are still around from the last sale." There is a big Alexander Wang selection, though.

Update Two: The reviews are rolling in! Here's womenswear, menswear, shoes, and housewares.

Barneys New York, Madison

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Barneys Warehouse Sale

255 W. 17th Street, New York NY