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Menswear at the Barneys Warehouse Sale Doesn't Disappoint

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It might be the rain, or it might just be that it's menswear, but the men's section at the Barney's Warehouse Sale is relatively calm. There's lots of merchandise, tons of staff willing to help, and some great deals to be had.
As usual, menswear is in the basement, and is divided into two sections, sportswear and then most everything else. Right when you walk in there are over a dozen racks of suits. Some highlights include a Hugo Boss brown suit for $547 (off $1095) and a Barneys New York grey suit for $599 (off $1200).

After the suit section there are bins of dress shirts and dress pants, broken up with a few tie racks. In this section the Barneys New York label reigns supreme, with shirts down to $109 off $215. There are a few Liberty of London silk ties (the patterns aren't for the faint of heart) which start at $79. The dress pants are where the best deals are to be had, with a beautiful dark grey cotton pair by Burberry for $139 and a grey flannel Band of Outsiders pair for $159 off $395.

The coat section is chock full of trenches, winter coats and leather jackets, but the best pieces seem to be one-offs in small sizes. We found a beautiful sheepskin Co-op jacket for $459 off $850 and an Elie Tahari cashmere fall coat for only $259 off $649.

The shoe section, located at the very back, had a great spread of sizes, featuring lots of desert boots and loafers. We saw some great Todds for $229 off $465 and some John Varvatos brown leather boots for $139 off $298.

Next to the shoes is one of the entrances to the sportswear section, where you can find cargos, casual pants and jeans. There is a large selection of casual pants, although an overwhelming supply of Dockers Khakis. Jeans is where it begins to fall apart, as most seem to be in bizarre washes and weird cuts.

Next to the pants are accessories—think crushed fedoras and many imperfect bags—and a selection of t-shirts and polos. One of the best sections was shorts, where we found some from Givenchy and a denim pair from Barneys Co-op ($49 off $95). With a bit of hunting, you can come away with some great pieces. See slideshow above for more pricing details. —Michelle Persad

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