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Decorating Your Home and Your Child at the Barneys Sale

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The next stop on our Barneys Warehouse Sale breakdown is the back of the store: Home goods and babies. The bulk of the former consisted of left-over Christmas ornaments and wreaths, dinnerware, and a smattering of furniture. FYI: You can't sit on the furniture. We learned the hard way.
The Kartell chairs—see-through and very sleek—made an appearance but the markdown wasn't on the tag, so expect those numbers to go down substantially. There was a ton of glassware like the Elizabeth Lions vase for $249 (down from $620), and bamboo motif dinnerware. Also, feel free to take a break from the shopping frenzy and peruse the book titles. They include Kate Moss by Mark Testino, Pheromone: The Insect Artwork of Christopher Marley, and Marilyn and I by Yury Toropstov, among others.

Now on to the babies! The children's clothing racks were stocked with pint-sized get-ups for the chicest little nuggets out there. We couldn't help but eye those adorable dresses and pants as we riffled through the women's racks. Don't worry; we're not getting all maternal on you. We're just saying "Hey, remember onesies? Yeah, those were pretty great."

Finally, a note on accessories. The bags weren't anything to write home about—one or two Alexander Wang box bags lingered from last year—but that means you can put all the money you were going to spend on accessories into outfitting your dog. They had super-luxe fur coats in case your pup doesn't have enough of one already, plus various other adorable items. Check them out!
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