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Paper Asks: What If Everyone Dressed Like Nicki Minaj?

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Nicki Minaj is famous for her multiple personalities, so maybe it's not a surprise that Paper magazine's spring fashion issue is absolutely filled with different Nickis. Not only is Ms. Minaj herself on the cover, but inside there's a 16-page spread envisioning what New York would be like if everyone took her signature whirlwind approach to getting dressed in the morning. The spread features Minaj clones of both genders going for a night out at Bowlmor Lanes, buying tickets at Grand Central, waiting in line for the bathroom at Port Authority, shopping at Duane Reade, and getting drinks at Patsy's Indian Restaurant.

Andrew Mukamal, who styled the shoot, says he gave his creative team the following instructions: "Minaj. Go there. Period." The results drew stares in every location. Onlookers also asked if they could take pictures with the Minaj crew, and one particularly tall model got mistaken for RuPaul everywhere he went during the two-day shoot. We've picked five of our favorite shots above (baby Minaj, y'all!); head to Paper for the rest of the images.
· The World According to Nicki [Paper]