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Across from Milk Studios: An Alligator-Infested Swamp

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Hilarious: While the fashion throng—Celine bags and Prada statement shoes in tow—took over Milk Studios this past weekend for some of NYFW's hottest shows, a very different throng assembled across the street at Chelsea Market. We speak of the Swamp People, their overalls, waders and mesh baseball caps, and their Swamp in the City.

Yes, Swamp in the City. No joke.

That over-sized space—the one you know from frequent sample and overstock sale shopping—in the middle of Chelsea Market's $4 cupcakes and artisanal sandwiches was flooded and stocked with alligators, turtles, sub-tropical foliage and a booth serving gumbo. It was all hosted by the History Channel and Swamp People and open to the public. When we stopped by it was teaming with incredulous West Village families who had just stopped in for lunch and fresh flowers.

Swamp People is a very real reality television show—it just premiered on the 9th and follows the lives of a group of Cajuns, living in Louisiana's enormous Atchafalaya Swamp, as they embark on their annual, month-long alligator hunting season. Alligator hunting is also real. But sadly, while the fashion monsters continue their infestation of Milk for at least a few more days, the alligators headed home yesterday.
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