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Watch Models on Ice at Moncler's Sunday Night Show

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Last night's Moncler Grenoble show at Wollman Rink was a real New York moment. A fashion show in Central Park? How much more awesome can that get? The label couldn't have picked a prettier night to show its collection—or a colder one. (Overheard: "My hands are so cold I can't type." #NYFWproblems.) Only for Moncler would we—along with a crowd of guests clad in Moncler attire from head to toe—wait outside on one of the chilliest nights of the year. Luckily, the hot chocolate and roasted chestnuts kept us warm while we were waiting.

Moncler lived up to its expectations. Wollman Rink was turned into an winter wonderland, illuminated by colored lights that changed ever so slightly to mimic the changing seasons. In a moment of perfect serendipity, it even started snowing just as the show began. The show opened with a choir singing Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," giving us chills, and later transitioned into M.I.A's bold new track "Bad Girls."

The ice was the runway where models dressed mainly in solids of black, white, and red skated to a choreographed dance. The entire presentation was beautiful, lasting about 10 minutes and ending with every single model collapsed on the ice. The crowd was cheering and even dancing at times. Of course, the performance upstaged all the ski gear, but it's Moncler—you know the puffy jackets and snow pants are going to be nice.—Danielle Desmond
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