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Lincoln Center's Official Rules for Street Style Photographers

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Every year, the scene outside Lincoln Center gets a little more frenzied as more and more aspiring street-style photographers dash around trying to catch that perfect shot. If you work inside the tent, you'll need to have credentials from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. But what are the official rules for photography and videography outside the tents?

We got the facts straight from Lieutenant Sammy Muñoz, who is running security for the event. Because Lincoln Center has a copyright on all the buildings in the plaza, you usually need a permit to take any photo/video footage. Yet, during Fashion Week, handheld cameras are allowed. Handling tripods is trickier. Since you can capture a better picture with a tripod and since they pose a tripping hazard for the volume of people trekking to shows, you will still need to carry credentials.

This crackdown on tripods might hinder the performance of street style photogs, especially in an increasingly aggressive environment. As we were pondering what this means for the future of aspiring Sartorialists everywhere, America's Next Top Model judge and industry photographer Nigel Barker happened by. What does he think about pushy street style photographers on the prowl this week? "It's all part of the job," he told us.—Anne Ebani
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