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Barbie's Dream Closet Is Very Pink and Open to the Public

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Barbie is no stranger to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, having hosted several events the last few years. Girl gets around. For the first time, however, the public will be totally welcomed to play along as well, as the Barbie Dream Closet opens in the David Rubinstein Atrium across the street from the Lincoln Center tents.

Here's the deal: the "Dream Closet" is actually the whole 9,000-square-foot event space, decked out with models life-size Barbies sporting modern day fashions that echo the doll's past. Example: a gold beaded Oscar de la Renta number to evoke the miniature 50th Anniversary Barbie gown. While you can't physically try it on, you are welcome to step into one of several "closets" and, through augmented reality a bit like playing a Kinect game, virtually try on a whole slew of Barbie outfits.

Last night at the debut party, the cheerleader ensemble was far and away most popular, even for straight dudes wearing their one pink accessory (like a fuchsia cashmere scarf they likely bought during the era of the "metrosexual") and sipping cosmo after pink-sugared cosmo.

Note: The Dream Closet pop-up is open only through the weekend, 9am to 10pm. As temporary as all this is, it's actually to promote something that'll be sticking around longer: the Barbie Dream Closet global brand campaign and new, interactive website. No cosmos or Oscar de la Renta gowns there, however.
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