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Cab Drivers See a Lot More Skin During Fashion Week

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Although Fashion Week has just started, cab drivers all around the Lincoln Center are seeing a distinct change in their riders. We talked to an anonymous cab driver who gave us the inside scoop on how his job changes during the most fashionable time of year. Most noticeably, his cabs are more full, not only with teams of people traveling to and from Fashion Week events, but also with clothing racks, extra hangers and bags filled with clothing.

While our cab driver loves the boost in business during Fashion Week, he is not so keen on his backseat being made into a makeshift changing room for models and editors alike. Besides pantyhose flying around the backseat, what's the biggest change he notices during Fashion Week? The extra 30 seconds it takes passengers to navigate their way in and out of the car in those five-inch stilettos. —Michelle Persad
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