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Insure Your Rental, Co-op or Condo Now

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We’ve only just scratched the surface of 2012, but let’s face it. The gym has already become a foreign land and beer has again taken up stock in your personal daily food pyramid. Perhaps it’s time to start making New Year’s resolutions that are worth keeping. Like insuring your apartment.

The exceedingly affordable premiums that Gotham Brokerage offer, makes insuring your home a no-brainer. Whether you rent a 1-bedroom in Brooklyn, or own a Triplex in Tribeca, Gotham Brokerage will tailor limits and deductibles to fit your needs for a fraction of what most New Yorkers spend on eating out per month (yearly policies can be less than a dollar a day).

Fires, broken pipes, burglary — unlike the large national companies, Gotham Brokerage is in our backyard and knows the realities that New Yorkers face. Don't let yourself be robbed by lack of insurance and start protecting your assets.

Racked readers, contact Gotham Brokerage today for a free quote. >>