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Leathers Have Left the Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott Sale

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Late yesterday afternoon, we stopped by the Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott sample sale to check in on the stock. The Equipment and Joie shirts are still the best bets, though fur was flying off the racks and the only leather to be seen was in trimming of some gauzy green blouses. Note that there haven't been any markdowns on the price list we posted on Tuesday.

The highlights of the Equipment offerings are the tops, and the racks are still overflowing with them in beachy corals and jewel tones, all priced at $50 each. Even on the second day, the sale was full of collared shirts in cotton and silk, printed button downs, sheer blouses, and some lace and suede.

The stars of the Joie selection in the middle of the floor are clearly the dresses and sweaters. There's still a heaping selection of both. The tops were mostly forgettable blouses, but deeper into the aisles are a few racks of really sweet dresses. In both lightweight silks and heavier sweater dresses, casual and dressier options are all priced at $60. The sweater styles ($50) are a bit random, but they're all are cute, cozy, and definitely worth pawing through if you have the time.

The Current/Elliot racks—the only brand offering sizes other than small—have been thoroughly picked over. One rack is lined with shorts and pants of various fabrics, and the other two are full of soft hoodies, striped long-sleeve tees, and the signature distressed tee. Great options for loungewear, but not much else of note.

The sale closes at 8pm tonight and runs through Saturday. For additional hours and info, see the dealfeed below.
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