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Ten Gifts for Your Difficult-to-Shop-For, Atypical Parents

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Welcome to Racked's holiday gift guide, for all of those people in your life that are beyond hard to shop for: step-siblings, co-workers, your wacky dad, and your boyfriend's mom (because you seriously cannot give her another scarf). Check back weekly for gift ideas covering all of those unconventional but loveable characters who make your holiday season... unique.

There is a complex cocktail of confusion, intimidation, and anxiety when it comes to gifting the ones who raised you. You may feel there isn't much they need at their ripe old age that they can't get themselves, but you'd be kind of a jerk to hand over another homemade "certificate booklet." You've consulted other gift guides, but your parents are weird and mom doesn't like scented soaps and dad doesn't care about vintage scotch. What's an appreciative kid to do?

We've waded through all of the holiday hubbub to bring you ten little treasures for your strange folks. Click through the gallery above for Dan Golden wine glasses, Hebrew Bananagrams, a bullhorn for their iPad, and seven other goodies. —Nicola Fumo
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