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There's a Large Morning Crowd at the Manolo Blahnik Sale

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The Manolo Blahnik sample sale opens to the public today at 9am at the Warwick Hotel. As usual, there's a huge line inside. Racked reporter Talia Aroshas reports from the scene.

7:58am: Good morning! I just got here. The room is filled with women. It's a little disorganized and people had to shout "Who's last?!" so that I knew where to go.

8:05am: There are about 98 people here so far. And the first person showed up at 5am.

8:10am: There's coffee!

8:11am: Oh wait, that's actually just water.

8:20am: About 110 people are in the room now. Staffers are explaining the ticket process: they'll be handing out tickets in order of arrival, thirty per group.

8:25am: Oh, now people are going up to get their tickets instead of them being handed out. This looked bad at first but it seems to be orchestrated much better. There was a huge "no" from the crowd when this was originally suggested.

8:28am: I'd say there are 90 people ahead of me now before I get my ticket.

8:32am: Just got it! I'm an "I." Each ticket corresponds to a group of 20 now.

8:38am: I just tried to ask a staffer what time my ticket corresponds to. She said she doesn't know. That might not be a good sign...

8:45am: Now she says she thinks it'll be between 11am and 12pm, though I couldn't get an official answer.

8:48am: Everyone's just sitting around and chatting now. They're handing out "M" tickets.

8:52am: I will say, this is the nicest line I've ever had to wait on. There's a coat rack and everything.

8:55am: Just some general rules while we wait: The sale is cash only, and all large bags have to be checked. People are pre-checking them now.

9:02am: It's begun! They're letting in group "A."

9:18am: Actually, it seems like they let "A" and "B" in at the same time. Now it's one group at a time, and group "C" just got called.

9:20am: I've been told that my group gets in around 12pm, so I'll be heading back here then. Stay tuned!

We'll be posting a full report from inside later this afternoon. Fingers crossed for a good selection: One of our commenters who attended yesterday's VIP preview said the pickings were slim.

Manolo Blahnik

31 West 54th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019 (212) 582-3007 Visit Website

The Warwick Hotel

65 West 54th Street New York, NY