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Prices at the eM Productions Sale Are Going Below Wholesale

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Compared to the bigger designer sample sales of the last few weeks, the eM Productions sale is easy to miss: There's no tell-tale line, no bouncer, no frenzy. Inside, the racks are almost as orderly as they would be in the store. But don't be fooled by the calm atmosphere—the merchandise is so good that it should be a complete war zone. Plus, clothing from brands like Iro, Keds, and Wren are being sold very close to wholesale—and in some cases, below.

The real showstopper at this sale is their inventory of the French brand Iro. Cream leather biker jackets are $400 and black leather jackets are $470. Sweaters and cocktail dresses are $150, knit pull-overs are $80, and tees are $50. The size range is hit or miss—large sizes only in the tees, but lots of small sizes in the sweaters and dresses.

Next is the selection of the Keds collection. If you lusted over the collarless trench or the cute tennis dresses at Opening Ceremony earlier this year, you can score them here for well under $100. Dress are $50 and jackets are $75.

Some other highlights: There's a rack of Court jeans for $60 and bins of miscellaneous Ace & Jig pieces for $50 and under.

We weren't as thrilled about the Someone Else inventory, which takes up about a third of the racks in the back of the sale. But it's all well-priced, and there are likely some gems to be found. Don't count on finding too many bags or shoes, though: Aside from a few pairs of wedge and stilletto-heeled booties, the pickings are slim.

If you load up on clothes, there is room for negotiating on some of the prices. We overheard wholesale prices being shaved down by $5 or $10, so don't be afraid to ask. The only merchandise that we heard is non-negotiable is Iro, which is priced by the designer.

And remember : The sale is cash only. Luckily, there's an ATM next door if you end up getting more than you came for. The sale runs through 7pm tonight and ends on Saturday; consult the dealfeed below for more details.
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