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Great Prices, Small Sizes at Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott

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At last night's preview of the Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue, everything from fur coats to summer dresses were available for up to 75% off their original prices. When the sale opens to the public today, get ready to experience some serious whiplash from double-taking all of the discounts. Prices are just that low.

Yet, there's a catch: All of the Equipment and Joie merchandise are for size smalls only. Current/Elliott, on the other hand, does offer other sizes, with a selection that's restricted to mostly denim in sizes 23 through 32. After the jump, we break down the highlights of each brand.

Upon entering, the Equipment racks are on the left. The pricing is pretty basic: Tops are $50, sweaters are $75, dresses are $75, and leather is $100. Tops seem to take the cake here—there are tons of different options of the brand's signature sleeveless, long sleeve, solid, and printed shirts which normally cost around $200. Don't miss the plaid button-downs, sheer star-printed blouses, and silky collared tanks in a variety colors. A tropical printed dress is perfect for any upcoming trips, and an emerald long-sleeve frock is ideal for the next few months in the city.

Next, squeeze your way through the middle aisles to find some items by Joie. Here, scarves are $20, shorts are $30, skirts are $30, pants are $35, jumpers are $40, tops are $45, and sweaters are $50.

Dresses and jackets are priced at $60, and embellished items are $60. Suede is $120, leather tops, dresses, shorts, and skirts are $150, and so is fur. The merchandise here is more sporadic, with more styles overall but less stock in particular styles. Keep your eyes peeled for gray knit sweaters and navy printed necktie shirts.

Outerwear is located on the right side of the room, past the Current/Elliott racks. You'll find puffers, black fur coats, and leather jackets. Joie's casual Soft line is also available toward the back of the room, offering some of the cheapest prices at the sale: Tops are $25, sweaters are $25, and dresses are $35.

Current/Elliott is the only brand to stock more than just sample sizes. However, unless you need a new pair of jeans, there's not much else for you. The price list includes tops for $30 to $50, skirts for $35, pants and jeans for $41, jackets for $45, sweaters for $50, and leather for $100 to $150. Keep in mind, though, that there's only a small section of non-denim that includes tops, skirts, sweaters, and jackets.

The sale is open until 7pm tonight, and runs through Saturday. Most of the styles are already on the floor, but staffers said there will be restocking if necessary. And fortunately, dressing rooms are available. See the dealfeed below for all additional details.
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