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The Fashion Industry Shares Its Biggest 2012 Shopping Regrets

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As 2012 draws to a close, we're surveying our friends in the fashion industry about the year's biggest news stories and most exciting developments. So far, we've looked at the best and worst trends, and biggest surprises; now, our experts share their biggest retail regrets. Readers, let us know what you think in the comments.

An oversized Acne shearling coat, reminiscent of Kay Lee's regret

Karin Bereson, store owner No.6: Not buying my Margiela Tabi boots one size bigger.

Kirsten Fleming, fashion writer at the New York Post: I went to Duane Reade on Black Friday at 8am to pick up some cough drops for a flight to Alabama. Oddly enough, the 24 Hour Duane Reade was closed. Zara, however, wasn't. I found the pair of black shoes with a studded kilty that I really wanted. I now think they make me look like a pilgrim with pig hooves. You want? $99.

Faith Hope Consolo, Chairman of the Retail Group for Douglas Elliman Real Estate: I don't ever regret anything that I buy—whatever I buy is either something I want or else something I need, and I am a legendary gift giver!

Lindsey Green, fashion publicist: Missing the Loeffler Randall sample sale due to a Google calendar fail. Why!?

Morgan Yakus, store owner of No.6: Dries Van Noten heels that are pretty to look at, but too high to wear.

Eddy Chai and Paul Birardi, store owners of Odin: Buying some small articles of clothing I liked thinking I would eventually trim down to fit into them. Haha?.still waiting for that to happen.

Kay Lee, store owner of Otte: Looking back, I didn't buy enough cashmere tops and cashmere beanie hats—people love them! Also, I shouldn't have bought an oversized shearling coat. It looks cool but it's just not practical.

The Shophound, fashion blogger: We have no regrets. We have eBay.

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