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Life Advice From a Barber: Mike Sposito at Barber & Supply

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Welcome to Advice from a Hairdresser, a new Racked video series in which we'll be asking our favorite salon and barber shop employees life's toughest questions while simultaneously getting a haircut. Nothing's off limits, and topics will range from whether or not you should dump that questionable guy you're dating to whether or not you should get bangs. Need advice on something? Send us your requests to

For the first episode in our series, we sent our very own David Sherwin to Barber & Supply in Williamsburg. The shop is run by the people from F.S.C. Barber, which shares some DNA with Freemans Sporting Club. Naturally, we asked barber Mike Sposito all about facial hair. Above, he explains what you should do if your mom doesn't like your girlfriend, what type of haircut is best for today's apocalypse, and the one thing you should never tell your barber.
· F.S.C. Barber & Supply Opens in Williamsburg [Racked NY]

Barber & Supply

101 N. 8th Street Brooklyn NY