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The Alice + Olivia Sale Is Still Stocked With Sequined Dresses

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At around noon, the Alice + Olivia sample sale at 260 Fifth Avenue had no line to enter, but things quickly changed well into the lunch hour. Shoppers waited both outside and at the dressing rooms for their shot at merchandise up to 70% off. And for good reason: this is the first Alice + Olivia sample sale in two years.

Most of the clothing is divided by size and then further by style. Extra-small racks hug the left wall as you enter, smalls are located just an aisle over, mediums dominate the middle aisles, and larges are just a step from the registers at the right side of the room. That said, there are tons of great finds but you have to be willing to work. Since many individual styles are mixed on the racks, it's not an easy comb-through.

Unfortunately, the extra-small section seems to be stripped of most of its selection. There are, however, sequins in all different manifestations: on dresses, tops, and even outerwear. Don't miss the silver long-sleeve shirt, the navy tank, and the black top with gold sequin discs all for $99.

Over in the small section, outerwear and dresses cover the most ground. There are still plenty of peach-hued blazers for $149, spotted gold coats for $299, and rainbow-hued denim for $69. If you're in the market for a glimmering disco-ball dress for New Year's Eve, you're in luck: There are so many embellished dresses that you'll probably leave the sale with a few sequins peppered on your clothes. Check out the royal blue long-sleeve dress, the light gray shift with gold and silver brushstrokes, and the rose option with fur trim for $199.

Mediums have the most racks per square footage, and they also include many dresses, bottoms, and tops. Size large is the least stocked section, although it does contain a fair amount of outerwear and colored denim. In all of the sections, shorts and skirts are the least plentiful.

As you can imagine, the samples were ravaged. There are four racks of assorted merchandise for $49 and one rack of mostly dresses for $99. They have been restocking here, but the racks were still bare. Cross your fingers that they'll fill them with more dresses, like the white leather, beaded gold, and wine off-the-shoulder numbers.

Accessories are located in the back of the sale near the dressing room, and they appear to be barely touched. Bargain-hunters should head toward the bins of bathing suits for $49 and belts for $29. Shoes are divided by size on tables manned by an associate who will help you. Leopard heels for $79, gold ankle boots for $159, and silver ballet flats for $59 were still available as of noontime. As far as the jewelry goes, prices are as marked. You will have absolutely no trouble finding a trinket here: a staffer divulged that they have only sold three pieces so far.

The sale will close for the day at 7pm, and will reopen tomorrow at 10am. For additional info, see the dealfeed below.
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