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Coming Soon to the UES: The First American Lush Spa

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Good news for people who love bath bombs: Natural beauty chain Lush has just signed a lease on a huge location on the Upper East Side. But the space at Lexington Avenue and East 61st Street isn't going to be just another outpost of their company; the Commercial Observer reports that Lush is opening their very first NYC (or American!) spa.

"The second floor will be dedicated to their first day spa in the United States," a source confirmed to the CO. But what can we expect from a Lush spa? The brand already has spas in the UK, so we can take a couple of clues from the services offered on the other side of the pond. For the most part, it's normal spa fare like massages and facials, but there is one treatment we're curious about: a "sound bath", which combines aromatherapy and soothing music for some meditation minus the yoga. No word on when the spa will be opening, but check this space for more details as we learn them.
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Lush Spa

783 Lexington Avenue