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There Is a Nyan Cat Pop-Up Shop, and There Will Be Kittens

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In what may be the most important internet retail meme news of 2012, narrowly defeating Binders Full of Womenswear and Vests from Hillary, #Nyancatcity, a pop-up store dedicated to the adorable internet phenomenon known as Nyan Cat, opened last night at the The Hole Shop on the Bowery.

The store features Nyan Cat-themed merchandise, including hoodies and T-shirts, plush toys, shot glasses, stickers, and iPhone accessories. In addition, #Nyancatcity will host events focused on the intersection of digital phenomena and analog objects, like art talks, a zine fair, an art raffle, and, most importantly, kitten adoption. (All adoption applicants will receive a Nyan Cat plushie toy, so you're actually getting two cats.) The pop-up will be open through Sunday, December 16, and you can see the full schedule of events here.
· #Nyancatcity Pop-Up [Facebook]
· The Hole Gallery [Official Site]