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Ten Gifts Under $25 for the Office Secret Santa Party

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Welcome to Racked's holiday gift guide, for all of those people in your life that are beyond hard to shop for: step-siblings, co-workers, your wacky dad, and your boyfriend's mom (because you seriously cannot give her another scarf). Check back weekly for gift ideas covering all of those unconventional but loveable characters who make your holiday season... unique.

Before you can celebrate the holidays with loved ones, you must clear one big hurdle: the office Secret Santa party. Shopping for people you spend so much time with, but seem to know nothing important about, for under $5, $10, or $25? Not so simple. We've taken it upon ourselves to wade through the stocking stuffers, desk accessories, and gag gifts to compile a list of ten gifts under $25 that you can feel good about giving to your coworkers. Click through the gallery above for a cute tablet holder from West Elm, a mod tie clip by The Postmodern, and eight other office-friendly goodies.—Nicola Fumo
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