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They're Not Kidding About 90% Off at the Opening Ceremony Sale

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If you've been looking forward to the Opening Ceremony sample sale, which officially opens tomorrow morning, we have good news for you: The advertised markdowns of up to 90% off are totally accurate, and the selection of merchandise is huge.

We stopped by the friends and family preview this morning and were quickly impressed by the depth of the discounts on designers such as Rodarte, girl. by Band of Outsiders, Suno, and of course, Opening Ceremony, especially in the clothing department. Zosia Mamet (you know, Shoshanna on Girls) seemed to be pretty impressed also—we spotted her there trying on clothes in a frenzy. And with good reason, because the merchandise up for grabs is pretty darn good. Check out the highlights in each category after the jump.

Women's Clothing
Ladies, prepare yourselves: There is a lot to be had at this sale. The racks are crammed full of merchandise, and a lot of it is unique—one size per style. Here, the goods range from swimwear to winter coats and everything in between, with the sole exception of basics such as tees or plain sweaters. (Those you can find elsewhere, like in the boxes on the floor where we spotted Agnes b. Pour Opening Ceremony knits for $30.

For outerwear, on the high end of the price scale we spied a fabulous Opening Ceremony shearling jacket for $590; and on the lower end, we loved the cropped Opening Ceremony double-breasted wool jacket for $150. We eyed a black wool dress with a cut out in the front by Mandy Coon for about $400, and a Rodarte stunner with a leather bodice for $240 (down from $1,300).

As a dress alternative, we saw a floral girl. by Band of Outsiders long sleeve jumpsuit for $220. You can score leather pants in the $300 range, Acne denim for $87, and Small Time Operation jeans for $50.

Also, shop for next year! Because swimwear is all under $100.

Women's Shoes
The women's shoe selection is not as strong as the clothing, mainly because the sizes are so limited. Most styles are only available in size 5, 6, 10, and 11. We saw some choice styles in size 9 and some in size 7 (they were small 7s), but almost no 8s. There is a huge array of Repettos, but they are almost all tiny. Prices on pumps and heeled sandals are in the $150 range. Boots are as low as $160.

If you're looking for bags, be warned: The bag selection was probably the weakest part of the sale, with almost nothing to choose from. There is a table of cute hats and bins of winter accessories such as scarves and Margiela gloves for $50. There's also a table of sunglasses that also includes miscellaneous items like wallets.

Men's Clothing and Shoes
The men's stock was a bit smaller than women's—especially the shoes—and the discounts were not always as deep. There's a nice selection of Mister Hollywood men's basics for $50 and under, and there are also more basic sweaters and button downs, most of which are in the $100 to $175 price range.

The sale officially opens tomorrow at 11am and runs through Sunday. For more info, see the dealfeed.
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