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Stock up On $9 Bras at the Natori Sample Sale

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The Natori sample sale is one of those rare, discounted-shopping experiences where prices are so low that you can actually afford to dig in and get lost in the merchandise. Overall, the markdowns are huge, as some items that are originally priced as high as $350 don't go above $35.

The first room of the sale is full of bras and underwear, both of which are hanging on the walls. All bras are $9, and the size range is very generous—it includes A, B, C, D, DD, E, F and N. A huge variety of underwear are all priced at only $3, and come in sizes small to XXL. In this same area you'll also find a rack of robes, from fluffy to terrycloth and silk, priced between $20 and $30.

Once you make your way further into the room, you'll find five racks packed with lace negligees, silk pajamas, and cozy casuals. (Gossip Girl fans will recognize a few pieces worn by Blair Waldorf, for as little as $30.)

The ready-to-wear items range from lounge to beachwear, and includes a bit of knitwear. A pretty crochet dress is $35, soft grey sweat pants are $30, a cute black net beach dress is $15, and basic cotton tanks are just $10. Also, be sure to check out the table full of Natori soaps and body washes beside the checkout area—everything is $5, and perfect for stocking stuffers.

A few final notes: There are no dressing rooms, so know your sizes in advance. (A helpful staffer informed us that the bra sizes are very true to size.) The underwear will be restocked as the sale continues, but all of the nightwear is currently out on the floor. The sale closes at 4pm this afternoon, and runs through tomorrow. See the dealfeed below for more info.—Klara Heron

Update: It appears that our reporter made out like a bandit at yesterday's preview, as she was only charged $6 for bras and $2 for underwear. The correct pricing is $9 for bras and $3 for underwear; that detail has been edited in the post above.
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