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As Usual, the DVF Sale Is Definitely Worth a Trip or Two

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By the time the Diane Von Furstenberg sample sale opened this morning, the line to get in was already snaked around the corner of Fifth Avenue and 29th Street—and we expected nothing less for a sale that's known for being reasonably priced and brimming with merchandise.

At $125 a pop, the dresses are arguably the highlight of the sale, and the room was packed to the rafters with them in ever color, fabric, print, and style. Diane's signature wrap dresses, which are going for $150, were also quite plentiful.

Another highlight is the sample rack, though it was skeletal by the time we got to it. Since everything is priced at just $50, you can understand why. There may not be much left there now, but if you do find something worthwhile hanging on the rack, be sure that it's an actual sample—shoppers began using this area as a makeshift changing room when the line became around 50 people deep.

Tanks and tees are priced at $20 and $40 respectively, but we couldn't find them anywhere amongst the tightly packed rails. However, there were plenty of blouses for $80 each. The size 6 and 8 racks seemed to have the most options in patten and style.

There's also a hefty amount of accessories present, including lots of print box clutches ($100) and bright leather and suede handbags ($200 for small, $285 for large). As usual, the sale is also a great place to stock up on holiday gifts, like colorful iPad and laptop bags ($75), iPhone cases ($20), and and wallets and scarves (also $75).

The sweater area at the back is mayhem, as the line for the changing room makes a human barricade around it. Arranged in size petite, small, medium, and large boxes, all of the sweaters are in plastic wrapping, with an example of each style hanging along the back wall. The grey knee-length cardigan and bright polo-necks are great winter staples at just $80 each. Be careful, though, that you're not fooled into thinking that wool wrap dresses are $80, too—they're also hanging on the back wall and are hidden in the big boxes of sweaters, but a staffer informed us that these are all priced at $150.

Skirts and pants are $80, and we spotted some good options in both categories. However, you have to really dig in between all of the dresses to find them. Unfortunately, we didn't see any vintage items. Three separate employes told us that there weren't many vintage items to begin with, and they won't be restocked. If you're lucky enough to find something mixed in amongst the regular collection, it'll cost you $150 a piece.

Sizes 0 and 2 were quickly running low as we were leaving the sale, but rest assured that they will be restocking these on Thursday. All other size rails remain plentiful, and will be restocked regularly. The sale runs through Friday but closes early at 3pm; for additional hours and info, see the dealfeed below.—Klara Heron
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