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As Usual, the Prices Are High at the AEFFE Showroom Sale

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If you've never shopped an AEFFE Showroom sample sale before, prepare to be overwhelmed by the selection and underwhelmed by stupendous steals. This is to say that while you can find a plethora of shirts, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats, shoes, and purses, the price point of each averages between $200 and $2000. Basically, those with innate high-end taste may be delighted by the discounts, but others looking for low prices may be a bit disappointed.

The sale includes ready-to-wear and accessories from Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, Jean Paul Gautier, Cacharel Pollini, and more. The clothing is all neatly organized by designer on racks throughout the large showroom, with shoes and accessories located in the back.

The first thing you'll find when you enter is a mandatory coat check. Here, you'll receive a ticket in exchange for just about everything you own: your coat, bag, and even your scarf. After that, the next thing you'll probably notice are the signs informing customers that there's an additional 20% off all merchandise.

On the right are evening gowns from Moschino and Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti. Prices for these range from $200 to $2000, depending on the intricacies of the gowns. There's also a Cacherel selection comprised of well-tailored designs; prices here tend to stay above $200, and sizes are plentiful.

On the opposite site of the room are all the Moschino collections, which include of Moschino Cheap and Chic, Love Moschino, and regular Moschino. We spotted colorful and vibrant Moschino Cheap and Chic tee shirts ($97) and sweaters ($250), along with tamer options, like a LBD for $302.

As for Love Moschino, there's a selection of trendy, modern looks priced between $56 for a basic tee and $354 for edgier outerwear. Size runs here are full. The Moschino offerings are priced higher: A simple blouse was $366, and an office-appropriate dress was $1650.

In the center isle of the showroom are the Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti racks. Items here are also a bit pricey (a simple lace tank is $118), but we found a decent amount of things that may be worth the splurge.

The Jean Paul Gautier collection is located in the back right corner of the showroom. There are a few very trendy leather jackets on display that are marked $1,502. Aside from this, there's a wide collection of blouses, coats, jackets, and dresses hovering around $1000.

The massive collection of shoes in the back is organized by size and sorted on shelves with some in boxes and some not. Instead of just sample sizes, we found a wide array of sizes in heels, flats, and boots priced from $200 to $757. We also found some Philosophy flats for $172.

Be aware that there's a color pricing guide for accessories, and that this does not apply to the shoes (though some of the boxes are marked with color tickets). However, handbags are all individually marked with two prices numbers: US dollars and Euros.

As far as the handbags go, there are clutches, satchels, totes, crossbodys, and more styles to chose from. The selection of higher-priced items (like a Pollini purse for $647) are running low, but the lower priced items (which include a colorful Moschino tote for $90) are still well stocked.

To make a long story short, if you're looking to shop a wide selection of very high-end, high-priced European designer wear, head on over. If not, you may want to save your pennies for one of this month's other fifty-odd sample sales.—Talia Aroshas
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