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Report: Hurricane Sandy Made Some People Gain Five Pounds

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We've heard a lot about the devastation that Hurricane Sandy wreaked on New York's low-lying areas, but what about its impact on the waistlines of fashion professionals? Luckily, the Style section is on the case with a story that quotes a publicist, a beauty writer, and a style editor on the topic of hurricane weight gain—a phenomenon that shall henceforth be known as "the Sandy Five." Beauty writer Amber Katz tells the paper that she ate a lot of fries during the blackout. Also:

"I was totally stress-eating," added Ms. Katz, 32, who wearied of her subsistence diet of peanut butter and bananas while at home. "I had places to go during the day, but my friends uptown weren't forthcoming with invites to stay overnight, even for one night. I was looking for comfort."
Hear that, Amber Katz's uptown friends? This entire disaster is your fault.
· Jeans Tight? It's Sandy [NYT]