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Day Two at the Alexander Wang Sale: Few Bags, Lots of Clothes

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This afternoon, we stopped by the Alexander Wang sample sale to see what's left. There were only about ten people in line—quite the change from yesterday—and since it's freezing out, staffers allowed everyone to wait inside. Unfortunately though, the first thing we noticed upon entering the sale room is that there are very few bags left.

There's now a limit of two bags per person. Prices still top out at $400 for the Emile tote in tan canvas and the large Ingrid satchel. The medium Ingrid satchel is going for $350, and the Elsa Frame clutches are $250. We also spotted a few larger totes and wallets in white, though no one seemed to be clamoring over the few styles that were left.

The shoe selection today was a bit more satisfying than the bag kiosk. Sizes 35 through 41 are all accounted for, and extra stock is piled up behind the counter. There's still an assortment of ankle boots, pumps, sandals, and double-zippered peep-toes. The two tables displayed stringati Dakota boots in green, knotted Tempest sandals in black, and Aida leather fish scale pumps in blue.

Although the bags are picked over, staffers are still consistently restocking the racks of ready-to-wear with cable knit sweaters, wool slacks, striped knits, and lots of leather jackets for both women and men. The menswear section is fairly well-stocked with coats, sweaters, and bins of loungewear, so if you are a true fan of Wang's chic, slouchy style, the guy's area may have everything you desire.

The staff said that they may be getting more shipment in tomorrow or the day after, though they said they couldn't offer up any information on another bag delivery. However, they did mention they'd be slashing prices, though no specifics were mentioned about that, either. The bottom line is that the sale's still worth a visit, so long as you're not there solely hunting for a Rocco.—Naomi Collett Ritz
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