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The Line for the Alexander Wang Sale Started Last Night

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The Alexander Wang sample sale always draws a crowd, and today's won't be any exception. Since it's normally held at the end of the summer, fans of the brand had to wait a few extra months for this one. The sale opens to the public at 8am at 131 Greene Street in Soho; Racked correspondent Talia Aroshas is downtown checking out the line.

7:20am: Good morning! I just got here. I'd say there are roughly 170 people already on line. It's mostly girls, and maybe 25% to 30% guys. The line goes down Greene Street and wraps around Prince Street. I'm currently in the wrap part of it.

7:25am: I just found out that the first person in line got here at 10:30pm last night. About 50 people or so back from him are people who showed up this morning around 6:30am. One girl even has a tent.

7:30am: There is a nice group of Australians who got here at 6am.

7:35am: I just asked around: Nobody's voted yet.

7:45:am It's pretty freezing outside. I'm wearing my huge down coat so I'm not cold but my hands feel it!

7:50am: The line is growing! There are about 50 people behind me now.

A closeup of the line

7:55: One girl near me says she would have gotten here at 4:30am, but her friend told her that that was insane.

8:00am: Innocent bystanders keep asking us if we're waiting in line to vote. It's kind of embarrassing.

8:10am: My part of the line just moved up a bit so they must be letting people in now.

8:15am: I've made it to Greene Street now. Just barely, though.

8:23am: By now, there are probably about 300 people in line total.

8:31am: I still can't see the front of the building, but it looks like there's about 70 or 80 people ahead of me. Every ten minutes or so we've moved up a bit.

8:37am: It unfortunately doesn't look like I'm getting in before I have to head to work. The moral of the story: If you got here at 7:20am, you've still got a while to wait.

Wondering if it's worth it? Here's our full report from inside.

Alexander Wang

103 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013 212-977-9683 Visit Website

Alexander Wang Sample Sale

131 Greene Street New York NY