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The Mayhem Continues at the Rag & Bone Sale

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As you may already know, the Rag & Bone sale was opened to the public half a day early, and the result was total mayhem. By the time the after-work crowd descended on Chelsea Market, the inventory was already a sprawling mess, and from the looks of the crowd, it was just going to get worse.

Although there was no line for entry in the evening, the sale space was packed with ladies and a few gents who were hoarding clothing by the armful, and who weren't afraid to use their elbows to obtain more. Despite the best efforts of the staff, the tables and shelves were, at best, disorganized heaps, and the floor was strewn with blazers, tees, and accessories.

First, the bad news:

Women's denim is completely decimated, except in bright peach and red. Some white styles are to be found. There are almost no blue jeans, and the ones that remain are flares.

The shoes are very picked-over. Luxe styles seemed to be the most plentiful—probably because of the price tag. Very few ballet flats and boots left.

There are very few party dresses to be had. The standout piece of holiday-wear that we spied was the indigo jumper pictured above. There weren't more than ten left. We only saw one coat.

The styles that were plentiful were, quite frankly, boring. But if you're shopping for what to wear to work to a conservative office, you'll make out like a bandit.

Now, the good news:

There were more tees than we expected, and even in neutral colors. There was also a good selection of sweaters. As far as sizing goes, there were a good amount of XS/S and 2/4s left. We don't expect this to last, but at least they weren't cleared out on the first day.

There was a steady line of about five to ten women for the communal dressing room; however, there was no line for check out–which would suggest to us that the merchandise is overall fairly weak and the prices high. But the shoppers who were buying were buying lots, so the sale was at least making some people very happy.

Note that the staffers did tell us yesterday that the sale would be restocked today, so there's a good chance that additional merchandise will arrive at some point, if it hasn't already. The sale runs through Sunday, December 2nd; consult the dealfeed below for more details.
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