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Shoppers Are Hitting the Alexis Bittar Sale Hard

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The Alexis Bittar sample sale at 344 West 14th Street is filled to the gills with bracelets, necklaces, and yes, too many women. At around 10:30 this morning, there was just a small line for the coat check outside, but the real madness began inside. With jewelry marked down to up to 70% off, nobody was safe.

Although prices are still a bit expensive, almost all of the pieces would make great gifts for the holiday season. Most of the items are individually priced with a proper price tag. There is, however, some merchandise marked with a red dot that indicates 50% off the listed price. That said, let's get to shopping.

Rings are located just past the coat check on the left side of the room when you walk inside. You can place your selections—like the metallic lucite ring for $130 or the white plastic option for $5—on the trays that are provided. Also in this section are bins of clutches and handbags, like a rubber pouch for $26.

Next up are the bracelets, which were placed on a set of neatly organized shelves. The lucite designs are most predominate, with a pale pink rhinestone style marked down to $148. Cuffs with a hematite edge ($100) are separated by metal (gold, silver, or rose).

Necklaces are displayed in the very back of the room. A red coral and pearl bib is still a staggering $600, but some metallic glass horseshoe necklaces will only set you back $75.

There isn't a very large selection of earrings. On the right side of the room, aqua painted gold dangle earrings are $60, and a gray lucite pair with mirrored glass aew $100. Just across the way in the middle of the room are tables full of assorted merchandise. Bagged bracelets and earrings joined a host of other items, like $100 sunglasses and $165 watches. There were even home décor sculptures.

The checkout line snaked around the entire room, blocking newcomers from even viewing the jewelry. (It prompted a staffer to make the announcement that all selections in your tray should be made before you reach the register to speed up the process.)

The sale runs until 6:30pm tonight and through Saturday, December 1. Note that they will be restocking throughout. Check out the dealfeed for more details, and the gallery above for some highlights.
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