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Frenzied Is a Good Way to Describe the Rag & Bone Sale

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This week's Rag & Bone sample sale officially opens tomorrow, but when we stopped by Chelsea Market this afternoon, we found that the door policy at the friends and family portion was pretty lax: all you had to do to enter was show up. At 1pm, the entire line of at least 100 people was let in. The neatly stacked items soon resembled the remnants of a war-zone as shoppers grabbed, tossed, pushed and pulled their way through the sale.

The men's area, located on the lower level, is full of shoes, jackets, vests, sweates, pants, and button downs. The shoe section is located on your immediate right, and although the collection pales (size-wise) in comparison to the women's, it's fairly large and even neatly organized. Right by the shoes you'll find coats, jackets, and vests. Some outwear is running very low already, but others, such as the Track Jacket, Dover Jacket, and the Parker Blazer are very well stocked in all sizes.

There's a solid selection of sweaters as well, with cozy cardigans priced at $150. For great button-down options, be sure to visit the last table in the middle section. Here, you'll find an array of collared button-downs with plaid patterns, stripes, or solid colors for $98. Sizes in general are plentiful, with maybe a little bit more available in medium.

Things get a little crazier when you arrive at the women's section. Up the small staircase on the left is where all the shoes are held. And if shoes are what you're after, be patient: You must wait in line for assistance from a salesperson, as they'll be the ones distributing the items.

Shoes are priced in four categories: ballet flats are $125, regular shoes are $195, specialty shoes are $250, and lux shoes are $350. The regular shoes include styles like simple oxfords and lace-up short booties, Specialtiy shoes are mostly ankle booties with either a thicker heel or some sort of intricate detail, and the lux shoes mainly include over-the-knee boots. There are plenty of each style on hand, and in a variety of sizes.

Next to the shoes is the assortment of dresses, which includes the Amanda Dress, the Corina Dress, the Dean Sweater Dress, and more. Dresses are priced at $195, but anything from the sweater collection is $150. Make your way toward the back for dress shirts and blouses; here, there are only one or two of each design available. However, samples of the Jett Top and the Platoon shirt are plentiful.

Be warned: Outerwear is running very low. As a matter of fact, when we were there, there were only four coats left. On the other hand, there are tons of tuxedo jackets available in blue, red, yellow, animal print, ivory & lace, and more.

Keep in my, however, that amid all this is a chaotic whirlwind of female shoppers trying on items, grabbing for items, and misplacing items. The accessory shelves, for instance, are now completely disorganized, as are the tables filled with sweaters. And although the staffers are doing their very best to keep things neat, the constant bombardment of anxious shoppers has been making that a hard task to accomplish.

Overall, the general pricing ranges from $65 for accessories to $595 for lux leather goods. Items will be restocked tonight and tomorrow. The sales reopens tomorrow at 10:30am, and runs through Sunday, December 2. Note that though the sale is technically being held at Chelsea Market, you must enter at 410 W. 16th Street. See the dealfeed for additional details.—Talia Aroshas
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