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Dreary Weather Didn't Stop the Line at Today's J.Crew Sale

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The J.Crew sample sale is often hit-or-miss, but this time, it seems to be a hit: At yesterday's preview, we found lots of current merchandise with sizeable discounts. Doors open at 10am this morning, and Racked reporter Klara Heron is on line outside 260 Fifth Avenue checking out the scene.

9:01am: Good morning! I'm out of the Starbucks and in the queue. There are about 19 people in line already—I'm number 20. The women at the front were here at 7:30am and they said more people didn't start arriving until about 8am.

9:05am: A staffer just put out dividers by the curb which meant that part of the line had to move a little. We're now out in the open and getting soaked.

9:07am: They just passed out umbrellas!

9:14am: Th line is now at 28th Street—it seems to grow every time I blink. It seems that just before 9am was the best time to get on line.

9:20am: Now there are probably about 50 people waiting.

9:28am: It looks like they're letting people in early! The first 8 or so people in line just walked inside.

9:32am: I'm only 12 people away from the door now!

9:38am: Everyone is moving up pretty steadily, I'm now eighth in line. From what I can tell, the line has wrapped around the corner on 28th Street.

9:40am: I'm in! The staffer told me that they didn't want to make people wait in the rain, so they opened early!

Stay tuned for our full report from inside, and check out our coverage from yesterday's preview here.

260 Sample Sale

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