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Victoria's Secret Supplied Power to the National Guard

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The 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, via Getty Images
The 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, via Getty Images

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In an interesting turn of events, the National Guard actually has Victoria's Secret to thank for supplying it with power post-Hurricane Sandy. Wired reports that on Monday night, the storm hit the armory of the New York Army National Guard's 69th Infantry Regiment, knocking out the power and hot water. Fortunately, there were already eight 500 kilowatt generators in place, since the armory is the site of the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

According to the story, the National Guard asked the show's producers if they'd be able to help out. Within hours, the Guard's power was restored, and by Tuesday evening, Victoria's Secret was able to light up the entire armory. The Regiment's Operations Officer, Capt. Brendan Gendron, explains: "We were dead in the water until Victoria's Secret showed up."
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The 69th Regiment Armory

68 Lexington Avenue New York, NY