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Wristbands Went Fast for Margiela x H&M in Soho

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When we arrived at the H&M on Broadway between Spring and Broome Streets in Soho at around 7:45 this morning, the line was just a little over 50 people deep. It spanned two stores past H&M and ran halfway down the block to Old Navy. When we asked a staffer how many wristbands were distributed this morning, she replied, "We've already given 30 in three colors. We're now on the fourth color." That's about 100 hungry hippos.

If you recall, the color corresponds to the time you are allowed to enter. We took yellow and were told to return at 9:05am. While many people took their bracelets and ran, there were still a considerable number braving what might be the coldest day of autumn so far. The first person in line arrived at 10:30 last night and hadn't eaten or slept since. Dedication—but at least not as intense as the guys who got to the Fifth Avenue flagship at 9am yesterday.
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H&M Soho

515 Broadway New York, NY 10012