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Inside the Margiela x H&M Launch at the Fifth Avenue Flagship

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The anticipation began months ago (and the lines began yesterday) for H&M's collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, which launched this morning at 8am. Outside of the Fifth Avenue flagship, staffers began distributing different colored bracelets to the line at 7am, with each color representing an allotted 15-minute time slot. And just as we had hoped, the H&M employees were dressed in lab coats—a longtime requirement for all Margiela staffers.

At around 9am, the store began letting cold and hungry shoppers wait inside for their designated shopping times. We were lucky enough to be given a 9:45am time slot, therefore ensuring that a decent selection of pieces would still be available. Kudos to the H&M staffers, who did an impressive job at keeping the area clean and organized despite the morning crowd.

As usual, there's a specified area for the Margiela for H&M collection. It's rather small, but there are plenty of items for the taking. Along with the price, each bears a large cloth tag that explains what season that specific item was reconstructed from, with its original name.

Once inside, we made a beeline to the red hitched-up dress, though sadly, we didn't find very many of them left. The rest of the womenswear, however, seemed to be pretty well stocked, though the shoes were rapidly disappearing. The selection had seriously dwindled by the time we arrived, and we didn't find many pairs of the sneakers $129 left on the shelves. The same can be said for the plexi wedges ($299), as well as the flats ($129)—we only saw two pairs of those.

A few of the men's items, are sectioned off in the women's department downstairs, but most are located on the second level with the rest of the men's clothing from H&M. If you were hoping to snatch up the jacket made of belts ($399) though, you may be out of luck: Those went a lot faster than you might expect.

The takeaway: It's very much still worth a look, especially if you're willing to pay higher-than-H&M prices. Though a few items are priced as low as $24.95, most run between $129 and $399. That, however, wasn't stopping any of the shoppers we saw today.
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