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Leather Pieces Steal the Show at the Nanette Lepore Sale

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When we arrived at the Nanette Lepore sample sale this morning, we found that it was less crowded than usual. This is good for you, because it means there's still plenty of merchandise left. The first thing that grabbed our eye today was all the leather: We spotted dresses, jackets and skirts in a lot of shades, including black, brown, olive and plum. While these are some of the most expensive items at the sale, they're still significantly discounted over retail prices, with leather jackets going for $375, leather dresses for $300, and leather skirts for $225.

With the exception of the sample wall, which we'll get to in a minutes, the sale's stock is made up of current fall 2012 pieces, with a few summer 2012 items thrown in. Prices on all current stock, aside from leathers and knits, run similar to previous sales. Tops range from $95 to $125, skirts are $95 and pants are $125.

As for dresses, prices here run from $145 to $175. A lot of these are great deals, considering that some of them originally went for $600 at retail. As for the non-leather jackets and coats, those are priced at $195 and $275, respectively.

Most of the stock is out on the floor already, though they'll be getting in some more sweaters during the course of the sale. As of now, there's an extensive and colorful collection of knitwear, which fills four tables. Princes on knits range from $95 for pullovers to $145 for dresses. As usual, there are a lot of really cute cardigans, some with beaded embellishments, all priced at $125.

As for the samples, this time around there's one wall of racks. These include a good number of genuine samples, plus some one-off returns from previous seasons. Although most of the items on these racks are size 2, you'll see a surprising number of size 8s mixed in. And if you've shopped Nanette sales in the past, you will be happy to know that there aren't a lot of returning samples from previous sales.

Another bonus: This time around, you don't have to dig around to find the sample prices, since they're all listed on the wall. Best yet, they're reasonable. Tops are $25 to $50, dresses are $50 and $60, skirts and pants are $30 each, and jackets are $95.

As for the accessories, there are some good deals here too. You'll find cute knit hats and scarves for $30 each, which would make nice gifts. There are also a few boxes of high heel and platform shoes at $75 a pair, which you'll probably only want to buy for yourself.

And until their stock runs out, larger purchases are currently being bagged in gold and peacock print tote bags, which in the past were given as gifts with purchase at Nanette Lepore's stores. The sale runs through 7pm on Friday; for more info, see the dealfeed.
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