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Prices at the Tibi Sale Started Low, and They're Getting Lower

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The Tibi sample sale at 348 West 36th Street requires some serious self-restraint. The prices are so darn reasonable that you can fill your arms with merchandise and not think twice. Try not to walk away with at least two items. We dare you.

At present, promotional flyers are boasting up to 70% off. Overstock ranges from $25 for shoes to $200 for long dresses, while samples are even cheaper, ranging from $50 for tops to long dresses for $150. Keep an eye out for any damaged samples, as they're just $25. Might we add that it is only day one, and they will be slashing down prices daily?

The sale kicked off today, but we stopped by for a preview two hours before it official began. On the right side of the room, you'll find racks of stock. All of the clothing was in great condition and came in a variety of interesting textures, fabrics, and prints. Take, for example, a $75 neoprene tee decorated with matte black jewels. While you're at it, don't miss the crinkled metallic tops for $75 and intergalactic, rubber-like skirts for $65. Both come in purple and emerald options.

Some of the samples were lined up on racks; the rest were thrown in boxes. Most of the pieces that received a round of "oohs and aahs" from passersby were found in the boxes, so if you're blessed with patience, start digging. An $125 off-white cocktail dress and an $100 burnt orange sweater dress were swiped in a blink of the eye. Thankfully, they will be restocking throughout the sale.

The dressing room is located in the back and it could get cramped in there. There is a "five items or less" policy but it was not being enforced this morning. With only one mirror, you can imagine all the bobbing heads peeking in from every which way. On the plus side, the staff is pretty on top of asking for your rejects while you change. They'll whisk those out of your way and offer them to new arrivals.

At the register, both cash and credit are accepted. You will also receive a coupon for an additional 20% off on Friday. You will take it. You will say thank you. You will not question why the prices will get even lower.

The sale runs until 8pm tonight, from 10am to 8pm tomorrow, and from 9am to 3pm on Friday. Consult the dealfeed for more details and check out the complete price lists in the gallery above.
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