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Here's How to Get the Margiela x H&M Collab on Thursday

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After months of anticipation, teaser shots, and a few strange commercials, the Margiela x H&M collaboration will finally debut this Thursday, November 15th. And even though H&M's last collab didn't incite that much hysteria, we're expecting the Margiela launch to be a mob scene.

As usual, the H&M locations that are selling the collection will open at 8am. Read on for a list of which stores will stock it, what the line system will be like, and other helpful pointers to ensure that you get every drapey, asymmetrical dress your heart desires.

Uptown: 125 West 125th Street; 731 Lexington Avenue at 59th Street; 150 Lexington Avenue at 86th Street; 10 Columbus Circle.
Midtown: 1328 Broadway at 34th Street; 505 Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street; 640 Fifth Avenue at 51st Street; 435 Seventh Avenue at 34th Street.
Downtown: 111 Fifth Avenue at 18th Street; 515 Broadway at Spring Street.
Queens: Queens Center Mall, 90-15 Queens Boulevard.

As we mentioned above, the stores that are carrying the collection will open bright and early at 8am. For argument's sake, let's compare this to the Versace for H&M launch. As you may recall, the first person to show up at the Fifth Avenue flagship did so a full twenty-two hours in advance. And by 4:30am, there was an actual line. We, on the other hand, arrived at 7am, and were given a wristband to shop the collection at 1:45pm. Basically, if you're hoping to get in and get out before noon, consider arriving around 6am. Or you can stay in and sleep and just wait for eBay—whichever.

Here's how the line will work: The first 420 people there will get a colored bracelet. There are 14 different colors, and each will go to a group of 30. Each group will get fifteen minutes to shop, so it'd be a good idea to figure out what you want to buy ahead of time (more on that later). Also, to prevent the entire collection from getting wiped out in one fell swoop, shoppers will not be allowed to buy more than four pieces of one particular item. Which means you can buy as many dresses as you want, but you can only buy the same dress four times.

Since time will be really, really limited, you should definitely scan the entire 123-piece lookbook in advance. As for the clothing, we're expecting the dresses to go fast, particularly the ones included in the campaigns (like the asymmetrical red and the drape-y blue). Also: the white puffer coat, and the shirt with the printed bra/bikini on it. Other than that? Definitely the shoes, which include sneakers, loafers, and plexi wedge pumps. You may want to beeline it straight to those.

One last thing: If you do plan on getting there at some ungodly hour, bring a sleeping bag—temperatures will be in the low-thirties at night.
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