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The Steven Alan Sample Sale Is Back in Full Force

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After going online-only this summer, the Steven Alan sale has returned to Tribeca. Racked spy Klara Heron dropped by the preview Tuesday afternoon and reported that the selection is enormous and the prices mostly very friendly. You'll find merchandise from a range of designers on the ground floor, while Steven Alan's in-house label for men and women resides on the lower level. The deals are generally better downstairs, but let's tackle the upstairs first, shall we?

Steven Alan is known for loyally promoting up-and-coming designers, often to the point where they barely count as up-and-coming anymore. Many of the names on the ground floor racks will be familiar to longtime shoppers, like Ulla Johnson, who's got knitwear for $175 and dresses for $130 to $175. (There are a few $50 finds in her section, but you'll have to dig.)

The Thomas Sires rack was summery, with bikinis and skirts going for $100 and tank tops for a still-pricy $75. More seasonal Sires knitwear was $100 to $150, and a rack of little high-waisted shorts were $100, but if you want really winter-appropriate gear, you'll have to move on to the multi-label coats, a selection that included furs and military-style jackets for $250

In the back on the far left was a range of sweaters from Edith A. Miller. They're all $20 each or six for $100 and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Lemlem scarves were all $55, while the brand's beachy dresses were $80. Among the Whit pieces, you'll find linen dresses for $95, blouses and skirts for $75, and little shorts for $45 to $95.

Sea had winter-appropriate wool mini-dresses for women (around $145$75. A cute skater skirt in a PVC-esque material was $50. As for Demy Lee, look for sweaters for $109 to $169. We liked the MacKenzie sweater in cashmere, $149.

The Whirlwind section had men's merchandise, like sweaters (ranging from about $39 to $59 depending on the knit) and some great men's coats ($89 to $139.) Men will also find a great selection of shirts towards the right of the room for $50.

While you're upstairs, check out accessories too. Mischa Lambert hats are $35 to $80, and up front, you'll see an entire wall of Italian leather bags at good prices. Clutches are $40, while everything else is $75.

Guys will definitely want to begin downstairs with the shoes, which had some of the best prices at the sale. Case in point: There are Nikes for $15 to $30. A pair of Steven Alan brand slip-ons that looked sort of like Vans were $10, and men were swarming the Aldens ($150 in white, $245 in brown and black.

The clothes are well-priced too: Shirts are the usual $68, while summery knit tees are $35. Sweaters are $89, pants are $55 ($85 if they're dressy), and blazers are $199. Pick up a puffy coat for $149 and a pair of swim trunks for $40, and you'll feel like you're set for now and next spring.

In the slideshow above, you'll find the entire price list for women's Steven Alan merchandise. Scarves are $35, shorts are $40, skirts $45, and button-down shirts are $58 ($78 if they're silk.)

As for the women's shoes, we found a huge selection of Rachel Comey running from $100 to $200. Women's Nikes are $25, and most Steven Alan shoes are $99, though ballet flats started at $79. There's also a big box of slip-on Soludos for $26, though as far as we can tell, that's the non-sale price too.

A staffer told us that they had an enormous quantity of merchandise this time around, so they were able to edit the offerings so that shoppers feel like they're in a regular store. That said, there's no restocking, and since prices have already been reduced several times, they probably won't budge much (though the Steven Alan stuff might get a little cheaper on the final day.) As always, there's no dressing room, so plan your undergarments accordingly. The sale runs through Saturday, November 17; get details in the dealfeed, or learn about the online sale over at Racked National.
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