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About 125 People Are Lined Up at the Christian Louboutin Sale

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The security level at the Christian Louboutin sale always decreases over time, and this year is no exception. Last week, the sale was only open to VIPs who had made specific appointments (a list that included such luminaries as Miss Universe and Amanda Lepore.) Today, it's officially welcoming non-celebs—although technically, you still need to be on the exclusive guest list to attend.

Doors opened at 9am today, and around an hour later we found something like 125 people waiting on 38th Street. Usually, Louboutin staffers hang a decoy sign claiming there's no sale inside, but any signage would be useless at this point, since the queue is pretty much impossible to miss. People waiting just outside the lobby told us they'd been in line for about two hours. As in previous years, some shoppers had invitations, while others were just trying to wing it.

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